Two kinds of tablets

I am spoiled!  Some women received flowers, chocolate, jewellery or maybe a nice evening out.  Not me.

Yep,  it's a tablet.  Not the kind of tablet that would cloud my sense of good judgement and render me helpless against any ridiculous idea he has tried to convince me of in the past.  Although he probably wishes there was such a drug on the market.

This tablet is of the creative, technological kind.  Boy, was I surprised and very thankful.  Now I can e-mail him a handwritten electronic love letter.  I have always preferred a handwritten letter!  


  1. Oh, oh, oh, is it a wacom bamboo?? or any other wacom at all? I've been looking at those, but I won't tell DaddyBoy - he just bought me a whole new laptop :)

  2. Why yes it is! A wacom intuos actually. Fun stuff!

  3. Nice!!! You can give me a personal review then!


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