Use what you already have - re-style it!

A friend of mine asked me to take a look at a pearl necklace that she received as a gift from a friend.  She loved the pearls but found she wasn't wearing them because the necklace looked too formal for her taste.

 She requested a long necklace she could wrap around two or three times that was more casual.  I re-styled this necklace for her by hand knotting her pearls and clear fire polished glass beads - to add a bit of shimmer.  I left some space between the knots which gives the piece a more casual look.  

My friend picked up her newly designed necklace today and loved it!  Now she has a very versatile pearl necklace she will be able to wear all the time instead of a piece saved for special occasions. 



  1. Great job reworking the pearls! Ladies check your jewellery boxes for that old piece of grandma's that is just waiting for new lease on life.


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