Two holes in the wall

I spent some time at the hosptial today with my sick 86 year old grandma.  During my visit she communicated to me as best as she could that she is bothered by the 'two spots' in front of her - small holes in the wall where something once hung.  She has to stare at those 'spots' all day and night.  Being the creative person that I am, I wondered if the hospital wouldn't mind if I hung a photo or artist's print to cover up those holes and give my grandma something else to look at other than a big yellow bin for syringe disposal, a hand sanitizer dispenser and two holes in the wall.  

This blog post is for my grandma who just a month ago was full of life and laughter.  Today she is small and vulnerable lying in her hospital bed.  Her body is forcing her to be there.  Her mind doesn't want to be there.  I just want her to be as comfortable as she can possibly be.  Get better soon grandma!