The art of a good mother's day.

For the second year in a row, my daughter and I,  and this year my mother- in- law and my parents wandered around the Pelham Art Show.  There were so many talented artists showing off their work.   Julia Veenstra from Waterdown, Ontario was a new artist this year.  I really liked her use of colour.  Her website is   She also works in water colours and photography but it's her acrylic paintings I really like.  I was happy to see Simon Koo again with some new paintings.  Here is a sample of his work:

You must see his work in person.  The paintings themselves are quite large and the colours are so vibrant.  He paints subjects everyone can relate to.  Simon is from Embrun, Ontario and you can reach him at

My sister and I escaped on Saturday afternoon to go antiquing.  I picked up this shoe made of wire.  There was no question in my mind it was coming home with me!

I saved the best for last.  My daughter was sooooo excited to give me her Mother's Day gift this year.  I'm surprised she waited till Sunday to give it to me.  I am truly blessed!