Welcome to my studio.

Starting a blog is like opening a brand new journal. (Hear the spine crack as you open it?) Keeping a journal is not new to me. I have a collection of them I have written since I was about nine years old. The purpose of this particular journal is not to share my deepest darkest secrets but to invite you into my studio/workbench/kitchen, basically wherever I create.

I am mostly self-taught with classes peppered here and there. I recently had to write an artist statement and biography for an upcoming show. I hadn't realized until now how much my great grandmother's house and the items in it influence my style. Her house went unchanged since my dad went to visit as a kid. It really was a museum, an art gallery and an antique shop all in one. As a kid, I soaked up every detail.

I look forward to creating new art and sharing it with you.



  1. Simply Stephanie.....I just had to take a moment to write you and tell you how much I have enjoyed reading your blog this afternoon. I seized the moment and dropped everything else to read your entire online journal and get a glimpse into your wonderfully, creative life. You have totally inspired me. I have learned so much from you and have gotten so many ideas. It's a beautiful day here in Muskoka and even though the sunshine of this gorgeous autumn day beckons and the mallards are starting to congregate down by the pond's edge (waiting for a little nibble) I could not tear myself away from reading all that you have shared. I saw your beautiful jewellery at Nature's Corner and fell in love with it as well as your gorgeous display and your very unique business card (I still have it with my collection of pretty things!). Your photography is so amazing and I studied each photo and again learned so much. I also love your writing. It's like we're sitting down together in my backyard just talking and enjoying the day. I couldn't stop reading. Your family is very lucky to have YOU! I want to be part of your family!!! Never a dull moment in your house. Thank you again for taking the time to post all of your photos and stories. I intend to revisit your site often. I had the pleasure of meeting you and your wonderful children and your talented husband when I taught Kindergarten at Glynn A Green. Now that my husband and I have retired up north (and I have taken up nature photography) I plan to use what I have learned from you to better my own photography ......and life. With sincere thanks, Patti Parker (Huntsville, ON)

    1. Thank you for your amazing compliments! Hearing I have a made a difference and inspired someone else solidifies why I write this blog. I hope you and your family had a lovely Christmas and I wish you well in your own creative endeavours.


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